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Built in June of 2013, the Rock Shop is the best place to shop if you’re a rock enthusiast, need the perfect gift or just want to learn about the different kinds. The creator of Crystal Gardens, Wendell Putney, has always had a passion for rocks and has been collecting them for 45 years. Until last summer he used to sell the Petoskey stones and rock lamps in the Barn Swallow but his creativity took over and he needed more space for his expanding collection. Now, with the help of his son Dan Putney they have a huge selection of rocks, jewelry and creations.


Some of the items in the rock shop are:            

-Stone Lamps

-Stone Jewelry

-Petoskey Stones      



-Exotic Rocks


-Polished Beach Stones

-Tumbled & Polished Glass (beach glass)

-Native Michigan Copper

-Rock Creations

-Stone Drawer Pulls & Cabinet Knobsrs lamp

-Coral & Fossils


-Iron Ore

-Petrified Wood

-Rock Frames

-Stone Bottle Stoppers


-Old Glass Bottles & Insulators


**We also offer to cut and polish a rock you bring in. Prices vary depending on the rock.**



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