Nature Exhibit

Welcome to the Nature Exhibit! 


ne giant turtle


(Above) Come take a picture with our gigantic stone turtle!

The NATURE EXHIBIT is a sanctuary for many animals and plants. It’s the perfect place for kids to learn about nature. Created 6 years ago, the Nature Exhibit was added onto the Barn Swallow for yet another part of Crystal Gardens for people to enjoy. It’s great for kids or even for you to come and enjoy the nature and relax. The Nature Exhibit is open from mid-June to Labor Day. It is a $1 admission but we appreciate donations to keep the exhibit running (food, maintenance and the purchase of butterflies…).



                  ne cysalis     ne caterpillar 

(Above) A monarch chrysalis and caterpillar.

The BUTTERFLIES: We have a small variety of butterflies that are native to our area. This includes Monarchs, Swallowtails and Painted Ladies.  There is a whole wing dedicated to the butterflies in the nature exhibit. You can usually see the butterflies at all stages in their life cycle, from eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to beautiful butterflies.  

ne painted turtle

(Above) One of our painted turtles waiting to be fed.

New to the Nature Exhibit this year is the FAIRY GARDEN. It is displayed inside the Nature Exhibit and includes Lauren’s Lane, Kelly’s Korner, Jorge’s Hollow, Grace’s Garden, Wil’s Hill, Peacock Park, Frog Pond, and Turtle Lake. You can also purchase almost all of the fairy stuff on display at the Garden Center.


(Above) A small section of the Fairy Garden featuring a fire pit and pebble path.

The NATURE EXHIBIT also offers a number of different animals. Besides the peacocks and butterflies we also house an enormous white bunny named , a toad aquarium, a fish aquarium, a snake terrarium, a pond with a fountain for our painted turtles, a snapping turtle aquarium, a gerbil house, many other birds (cockatiels, finches, doves..), and a live bee hive (under screen of course). Come and enjoy a day in our Nature Exhibit and make sure to take lots of pictures! We’d love to see them!


Photo Credit: Lauren Merriman


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