Barn Swallow





In 2002, the Barn Swallow was born. Resurrected here at Crystal Gardens by family members and garden crew with the red pines cut from the property. Since the family’s next big passion, other than plants, is ‘collecting’ treasures we decided to extend our season and open the Barn Swallow to display and sell all those items we enjoy buying! 


(Above) The beginning of the building process.

After browsing, upstairs and down, the inside of the Barn you’ll want to take a stroll through Water Garden below the Barn. There is a creek that runs through the middle down to the fish pond at the bottom. The flowers and herbs planted there are a pleasure to mingle in and it is truly a peaceful experience! 


So if its that one-of-a-kind antique or collectible you are looking for, or maybe just a gift for a friend, a visit to the Barn Swallow is just where you want to go. Our inventory of old & new includes over 60% actual antiques and vintage clothing-the rest is new items such as soaps & lotions, aprons, textiles, jewelry and greeting cards. 

Our stock of antiques comes and goes daily so if you didn’t find it today, maybe tomorrow!





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